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Too many lawyers have forgotten that the main purpose of the legal profession is to serve the public interest.

Military Divorce Online has assembled the following pages to give you a comprehensive site which addresses aspects unique to military divorce, specifically:

offering information unique to military divorces,
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Military divorces can differ from standard family law cases when it comes to domicile or residence requirements for filing, obtaining service upon an active duty spouse, compliance with military rules and regulations, and the the division of the military pension, often the communities largest asset. A firm understanding of these issues and others are necessary to successfully resolve your family law action.

While each state may have different laws regarding how family law cases are to be handled and community property divided, the federal government has enacted legislation titled The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) that governs the calculation and division of military pension benefits.

Due to the complicated issues that may arise in a family law action involving a military member, a consultation with a qualified attorney is recommended. Military Divorce Online has assembled the information you need, and can refer you to an attorney in your area who is familiar with your specific needs.

After you have contacted Military Divorce Online, please download the following Word document, print it out, and then return it to us via mail. this will speed up the process. If you need an alternative file format, please state so and we will attach it to an email.

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